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Hooray! Em publicação na Nano Letters da American Chemical Society, André Saraiva e Belita Koiller demonstraram como identificar um par de impurezas em silício, em analogia a uma molécula de H2. As particularidades dos elétrons de condução do Si permitem contactar eletricamente e passar uma corrente por uma molécula dessas. O resultado — extremamente diferente […]

Environmental Science and Technology

Hooray!!! Essa edição de Environmental Science and Technology publicou um artigo de Rodrigo Capaz e colaboradores do nosso grupo do INMETRO e da UFMG. Nesse estudo eles voltam suas atenções para um tema fora dos interesses usuais do grupo e discutem a Terra Preta de Índio (Amazonian Dark Earths), um sistema de interesse para ciências […]

Physical Review Letters

Hooray!!! A capa da Physical Review Letters hoje traz em destaque o trabalho “Single-Shot Readout and Relaxation of Singlet and Triplet States in Exchange-Coupled P31 Electron Spins in Silicon”, em co-autoria com o André Saraiva. Um par de doadores isolado teve seu estado quântico medido instantaneamente através de um método que detecta tunelamentos entre o […]


Rodrigo Capaz will now be part of the Advisory Committee (Comitê de Assessoramento) for Physics and Astronomy at CNPq. As a member, he will counsel this funding agency about scientific proposals and grant allocation. Read more about this committee here: http://www.cnpq.br/web/guest/membros-dos-comites


Hooray!!! This issue of the PNAS contains an article co-authored by Rodrigo Capaz: “Systematic determination of absolute absorption cross-section of individual carbon nanotubes”. In this contribution, they develop a technique to determine the cross section for light absorption of a single carbon nanotube at a time! Comparing with theory, they were able to understand how […]


Check out our new logo and profile picture! Yes, this is Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf) represented by a mathematical function. Yes, we are nerdy. But we can also be artsy! In case you were wondering, the Sugar Loaf function is SL(x,y) = 1 * exp (-((x-0.5)^2 +(y-0)^2)/0.7^2)+1.7*exp (-((x-1)^2 +(y-1)^2)/0.6^2)+2 *exp (-((x+0.3)^2 +(y-0)^2)/0.4^2). The second […]

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter published last week the article “Magnetic response of zigzag nanoribbons under electric fields”, by Francisco Culchac and Rodrigo Capaz. Francisco is a former post-doc of Rodrigo’s and currently a collaborator and friend of the group working at INMETRO. Congratulations, Francisco! Read the article below and send us a message if […]

ENFMC-Costa do Sauipe

This year’s ENFMC — the Brazilian condensed matter physics yearly meeting — is taking place at beautiful Costa do Sauipe, Bahia. And NAMOR’s proud post-doc Alejandra Baena Vasquez got the prize for best poster at this Tuesday’s session with her work “Electric field control of an artificial H2+ molecule in Silicon”! Congratulations, Alejandra! You can […]

Physical Review B

Physical Review B published today “Splitting valleys in Si/SiO2: Identification and control of interface states” — the master’s research project of Amintor Dusko, supervised by Belita Koiller. And it was selected as an “Editors’ Suggestion” too! Congratulations, Amintor! You can learn more about his work reading the paper below or sending us a message, which […]